Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Three important issues catch your attention in today’s newspapers:

The doctors have continued their strike despite the Supreme Court’s words of caution.

The President has referred the “the Office of Profit” bill back to the parliament.

“Fanaa” issue seems to have remained unsolved.

These three issues are going to have far-reaching impact on the norms of democracy in our country.


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Reporting on News Channels

Today, the news channels have been highlighting the killing of the Indian engineer in Afghanistan. It is a cruel act. Needs to be reported and deplored by all the TV channels, no question.

But isn't it equally cruel to keep the cameras continuously focused on the bereaved family members?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Whither? ?



Troy and Carthage.


The Cruasades. Constantinole.







? ? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Freedom of Expression

Freedom is beyond bounds. True.

Freedom of expression should be exercised with discretion.

Monday, January 09, 2006

You are the Conqueror!

The diagnosis is confirmed.

Big '‘C'’.

Your limbs seem to be desensitized. Motionless, you are staring at the reports.
In fact, something else is going on in your mind. I know your mind is racing beyond '‘C'’.

Beyond '‘C'’, you are thinking of '‘D'’. Only '‘D'’.

You are taught that way, all these years. '‘C'’ is followed by 'D'’. No other alphabet has a place, then.

Our minds have been conditioned like that.
We start thinking about : What next? In how much time?

We tend to measure life in moments.

Let me admit that the situation is quite gloomy. Depressing and unnerving, too.

But the medical science has progressed marvelously to fight big '‘C'’.

The modern medicine has tamed the big '‘C'’ into a dwarf 'c'-– controllable, nay, almost curable!

Are you aware of that? Half of your worry should go now!

Rest assured. I am with you, my friend! Who knows, some well-wishers may also join me!

Walking side by side with you. How nice!

Cheer up! Now you have a reason to smile.

If the clouds are dark, there must a silver lining, too. Somewhere.
Find it out.

There may be a face to smile at.
There may be a hope to cling to.
There may be a purpose to go on.
There may be a mission to live for.

Kindle a desire for life. Nurture a will to conquer.

Oh, yes! '‘C'’ stands for '‘conquest'’ as well.

What is a conquest?

Conquest is not to achieve or win over something tangible.

Conquest is what you visualize and realize in your mind.

Have the conviction: I can conquer!

The Conqueror is one who never gives up. Who never gives in.

The Conqueror is one who fights bravely, with all his heart, against all odds, at all times.

So, let us reassess the situation. Beyond '‘C'’, you were thinking about '‘D'’.

Can'’t we go beyond that?

Look beyond '‘D'’. It'’s '‘E'’.

The alphabets never run out!

'E'’ for Existence. 'F' for Fight. 'G' and 'H' for Great Hope.

So on and so forth. It goes on and on.

Because the alphabets never run out.

Choose your letters. Spell your own words. Make out your own meanings.

Pour life into every moment that you live!

If you do that, even a moment is longer than an age!

You are the Conqueror!

CAN Conquer CANcer initiative